What did the world do to solve the problem of inner parking lot

The act of clearing sidewalk parking lots has brought ventilation to the city and has received the support of a large number of people. However, there are still mixed opinions and complaints about the lack of parking, causing inconvenience for people traveling in the city.

In fact, these complaints appear in … most areas of the world. The shortage of parking spaces is almost the general situation of all urban areas, especially densely populated cities and underdeveloped infrastructure.

For a long time, people tried to increase the parking area and open more parking spots. But the situation has not improved. meanwhile traffic congestion became more serious and waste of land resources also increased. Stemming from that perspective, of course, the cities began to complete public transport infrastructure solutions, increasing the area of ​​greenery.

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So many cities have taken the lead in reducing parking in the inner city. This has also recently become an urban management trend in most major cities around the world. Instead of building more, big cities now advocate narrowing the number of parking spaces.

Zurich, a Swiss city, was one of the first cities to adopt this measure. Done after Zurich but Paris, the capital of France, is even more drastic. Since 2003, the city aims to eliminate open parking areas in the inner city. and by 2010 a total of 15,000 open parking spaces were removed or moved to the basement. As a result, the city gained huge land bank to expand the square, trees, bike paths and sidewalks.

Currently, the central area of ​​Paris has almost no parking area on the ground. Underground parking system is also minimized. While car parks in the center are limited and gradually reducing the area, developed cities expand to build transit car parks. Many transit car parks offer very flexible solutions to facilitate people.

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