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Visiting the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

The Rio metropolitan area is ranked 3rd in South America. If we include the Americas it is ranked 6th, and if we include the world it is ranked 26th.

Many major Brazilian companies have headquarters in Rio. Among them are two large companies such as Petrobras and Vale and the largest media company in South America is the Globo Organization.

Rio de Janeiro is world-famous for its natural beauty, as well as its jubilant festivals. Many people know Rio as the city of the festival. Rio is also famous for the Samba and Bossa Nova music, famous for the white sand beach resorts called Barra.

Rio is also famous for its Maracana Stadium. It is one of the largest soccer fields in the world. In the past many world championship competitions were held here. This stadium is heavily repaired to be the venue for the 2013 Federation Cup Cup competitions.

This is the first time that a Portuguese-speaking country has been given the responsibility and honor of hosting the Olympics. And this is also the first time that a South American country has received this honor.

The city is famous for its natural scenery, carnival and samba and other music, beaches. Here there is a large statue of Jesus standing on top of a mountain overlooking the sea.

International Airport Carlos Jobim connects the city of Rio de Janeiro with Brazilian routes and cities around the world. Despite its beauty and charm, this city remains one of the most violent cities in the world.

With cultural values ​​and architectural works in harmony with the mountains and sea, UNESCO has recognized Rio de Janeiro as a world heritage. Immigrants were mostly poor peasants then they found. prosperity as a worker and small business in Rio.

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