Brazil culture

Unique features only in Brazil

The majestic nature, hot dances, outdoor festivals and passionate people are the factors that make Brazil unique. Referring to Brazil, it is impossible not to mention the Amazon rainforest, the delicate coffee flavor.

There are many golden sandy beaches, beautiful waterfalls as beautiful as a paradise and fiery festivals. In addition, Brazilians are known for being affectionate, likable, and always optimistic. Brazil has a total of five different climate types including equatorial, tropical, dry tropical, alpine and subtropical.

Brazilian people do not attach much importance to personal or personal distance. They often express their feelings to the other person in a very comfortable way. It is perfectly normal for a man to kiss a woman on the cheek the first time he meets it in this country.

Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas and the largest in the world. Due to historical factors, Brazil is far away from English speaking countries.

As a multi-ethnic country with many cultural colors, Brazil is also influenced by many different ethnic groups in the world such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan or the Middle East. But other travelers will have difficulty knowing only English when leaving the two cities above.

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, many free music festivals with performances by leading Brazilian artists right on the street. Or in Recife, concerts take place on the streets and beaches.

The most striking trait in Brazilians is their excitement and passion. Brazilians like to express themselves without shyness in front of strangers. Every corner of Rio has bars selling a variety of juices. Even small stores also sell juices and smoothies, such as soursop.

Brazilians have an endless interest and passion for music and dance. They can play and feel any kind of music. One of Brazil’s traditional dances and known worldwide is the fiery samba dance. Samba was born in the 16th century and is still the best dance performed in annual festivals in Brazil.

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