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Travel to Brazil to go to romantic Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is very beautiful and poetic. And for those who have traveled all over the world and through life, it is a place not to be missed. Brazil’s most famous city is the sum total of the contradictions that make it so special.

They include both its wonderful beauty that nature and God have given, and also the hidden corners of the lives of millions of people. If you have the opportunity to travel to Brazil.

Rio appeared as beautiful as a different world, with the curves of the coast below, with the city looking far away, undulating under the clouds. From these perspectives, Rio is paradise, a paradise that really doesn’t need painting and praise. Just reaching two peaks in the two corners of Rio, you will understand why here people call this the most beautiful city in the world.

The beauty is not only looking down on the clouds, but also more amazing on the ground. Show up on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, the most beautiful and sexy beaches in the world.

In this sunny, samba becomes a way of life, a compulsive pleasure, a gathering of joy when every February, the carnival takes place. Vibrant colors, vibrant music, the bare breasts of dancers. That is the Rio carnival.

The romance of Rio in Jobim’s time has been replaced by the thrill of dance music on the beach, bars along the Copacabana or in the Lapa. The number one dining area is by chance an outdoor bar and samba discos.

It was in Rio de Janeiro that samba was born in Pedra do Sal, a small square of black immigrants from the Bahia region. The fiery and voluptuous dance of bodies was born from a Bahia dance. But that day samba was different from now, more slowly, more deliberately and more romanticly.

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