Brazil culture

Taboos in the social and cultural life of Brazilians

Brazilians have many taboos, you should learn to avoid it.

Taboos according to folk notions

Brazilian people abstain from brown and yellow. They thought it was sad colors, like yellow leaves falling from trees. They claim that purple represents pain, yellow indicates disappointment, solid tea color indicates unhappiness, so in everyday life they often do not use these colors.

The Niaoa in Brazil make a very solemn funeral for the dead, and burial in a very deep grave. When organizing a funeral, no matter if they are relatives or other mourners, everyone doesn’t cry.

In the city of Natrin of Brazil, women wear hats with very strict rules, if deflects to the right, indicating that they have not married yet, and wear to the left side denoting that they are married, and deviates to the front, indicating that they are widows.

At some Brazilian tribes, boys until adulthood came to the men’s home to learn the skills of hunting, singing, fighting … from older people. This holy house prohibited women from entering, and the flute and bell ring used for religious dances did not allow women to touch.

Taboos in culinary culture.

Brazilians like to use beautiful small cups for the whole set in the dish, for drinking tea and coffee. When they see guests drinking in an interesting and happy way, they feel happy. So when you drink beverages from Brazilian family, have fun drinking and express your interest to feel excited.

Brazilian people like to gather friends. They like to chat with friends late at night. After a drink and chatting, come to the dinner party. Usually the owner only invites the guest to sit at the table after 11pm. There is no way that employers leave guests sitting to prepare food. Doing so will be considered a lack of respect for guests, a sign that is not well prepared to welcome guests. Guests can bring flowers but never bring food. That is to say, the owner cannot afford to entertain friends. Strange guests are not introduced in parties. The introduction is considered to make the atmosphere less fun.

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