Brazil beautiful places

Salvador the soul of Bahia

The capital of Bahia State – Salvador city shows the strong influence of the African culture. The peope is very hospitable and friendly, and its nature is vere beautiful.

The city is also well-known for its vibrant and exciting carnival parties. It is surrounded by beautiful nature, the delicacies’ smells and flavors, the cultural diversity and the religious mix which create the true meaning of life. Also, this is home of capoeira – a traditional martial art similar to a dance.

In Salvador there are alot of churches, more than 300. Of which Senhor do Bonfim Church is special symbol of the religious mix in Bahia. Besides, São Francisco Church is another famous attraction well-known for its grandiosity.

The Pelourinho, an essential historical city center, which is recognized by Unesco as Cultural Heritage Site. You can have chance to visit  century-old manors and Brazilian Baroque Churches in Brasil’s first capital.

In the culinary world, African ingredients, such as the pepper, ginger, coconut milk and dende oil are predominant. There are renowned typical dishes worldwide such as Acaraje vatapa and caruru which are display on the baianas’ trays.

In Salvador, music and dance show the African culture, like in capoeira. African religions lives along with the Catholicism, bringing together Saint Barbara, Our Lady of the Conception, Our Lord of the Bonfim and Oxala, Iemanja and Iansã.

The famous sport in Brasil – soccer also play an important role in Salvado. There is Fonte Nova Arena where soccermatches take place. It was built initially in 1951, then rebuilt in 2013, can hold 50 thousand people. Now important events and concerts are organized here.

From Salvador you can directly go to Chapada Diamantina, Costa do Dende and Costa dos Coqueiros. Bahia has a few lodges and resorts with a nice structure which attract tourists. Also, there are many beautiful places where the nature is remaningly preserved.

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