Brazil culture

Everything about Brazilian culture you should know (Part 1)

Brazil has long been known as the cradle of world football with a lot of famous players. However, do you know enough about this country? Brazil is a country in South America, with the largest area of ​​this region as well as the world’s fifth largest country in area and population. The main language of Brazil is Portuguese, which is the only country in America speak Portuguese as well as the place with the highest percentage of Portuguese speakers in the world. Here are some Brazilian cultural features.

1. Overview of Brazil

Brazil is located in South America, is one of Latin American countries, with geographical location adjacent to 11 other countries: Venezuella, Guyana, Suriname, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay … was a Portuguese colony for more than 300 years, until the 19th century Brazil was officially independent.

Brazilian culture has similarities with Portuguese culture due to the long time being occupied. The large number of people migrating from Portugal to Brazil has also strongly influenced the country’s culture in terms of language, religion and architecture.

Brazil is also a multiracial country with many cultures from different migrant groups, affecting both the vocabulary and cuisine of Brazil. It can be mentioned as a group of colored people who influence music and dance.

2. Brazilian cultural characteristics

From the overview of Brazilian culture, we can learn more about the cultural characteristics of this country, through the following aspects:


Despite the strong influence of European culture, Brazil has a more warm and sincere behavior. When meeting each other apart from handshakes, people can easily touch their shoulders, hug and kiss each other’s cheeks. However, when they were strangers, they only rewarded and shook hands lightly.


In addressing people often use the name to call, except for those with large ranks, people call their positions and study functions. For older people with high power, “Senhor” will be added to the name. They always appreciate friendliness, fun and rarely express different opinions when disagreeing, and rarely openly argue.

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