Brazil culture

Discover culture of five regions in Brasil

Brazil has a unique culture. If you intend to travel to this South American country, you need to know the characteristics of each region in Brazil.

Brazil territory is divided into five regions: North, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast and South. Each region has its own characteristics of natural and cultural conditions.

1. North

The North of Brazil is home to many indigenous people, so it is understandable why folklore is one of the important aspects of this regional culture. Every year there are many traditional festivals held here. The North is also famous for the untouched natural scenery of the Amazon mountains and has an advantage in ecotourism.

2. Northeast

The Northeast of Brazil has a largely African-American population. This region has a warm climate year-round and rich lands, facilitating agricultural development. Northeast also owns many famous beautiful beaches and spectacular national parks. The most popular tourist destination in the Northeast is Salvador, Bahia. The city gathers many different beauties of the country, from charming beaches to Salvador, Bahia Historical Center with many old buildings and cathedrals.

3. MidWest

The Midwest is known for its hot dry climate and the region with the capital Brasília. It is also home to many Brazilian indigenous peoples. Despite a large area, the population density in the Midwest is quite low. In tourism, this is the place with the largest Pantanal swamp in the world and part of the Amazon rainforest in the northwest attracts visitors to experience and explore. In terms of climate, this region has two separate seasons: the rainy season (from October to April) and the dry season (from May to September). This is also the most important agricultural region of Brazil.

4. Southeast

One of the most visited areas in Brazil is the Southeast. This region includes famous cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paul. The combination of diverse cultures of immigrants has given the Southeast region a unique color. Tourism in this region is quite diverse, with a central business center in São Paulo, historic neighborhoods in Minas Gerais and famous Rio de Janeiro beaches.

5. South

The south is considered the richest region in Brazil, with the best living standards and high quality of service. It is also the coldest region, with occasional frosts and snow in some highlands. This area has many European immigrants, mainly descendants of Germans, Italians and Slavs who have been in Brazil for a long time. The two largest cities of the region are Curitiba and Porto Alegre. If you visit here, you will see European culture is quite clearly expressed in cuisine and several festivals. 1587115684.030993, “mode”: “force-https”, “pkp_include_subdomains”: false, “pkp_observed”: 0.0, “sts_include_subdomains”: true, “sts_observed”: 1555579684.030998 }, “7MloUdQnU+IMC66ndFuCWyMgOmicvUQi7R5odhA0+tc=”: { “dynamic_spki_hashes_expiry”: 0.0, “expiry”: 1586315547.131764[

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