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Carnival in Brazil and the desire to be “insane”

What do you think of millions of people dancing around the city for five days? That is the Brazilian Carnival.

Talking about Brazilian Carnival is both easy and difficult. Easy is by Rio de Janeiro – the world famous city with Carnival. However, on a broader scale, the Brazilian Carnival – viewed from many different angles, brings its own interestingness.

Lễ hội Rio Carnival, Brazil – Sự Kiện Du Lịch HOT TravelSmart

On the streets of the city, another characteristic expression of the Carnival is also very famous is the street parade. They gathered a group of a few dozen to a few thousand people. Parades are common in Rio de Janeiro, parading in a semi-organized manner, under the band tempo.

You will easily see parades going through different neighborhoods during the five days of the festival. The parade members dressed up as characters, but there were also many that didn’t necessarily dress up and everyone could follow the parade.

Along with the samba schools, street parades bring their own color to today’s Brazilian Carnival. Historians say that Carnival originated from ancient Roman folk festivals, such as Saturnalia or Lupercalia.

The main melody at both festivals is bustling music. Speaking of Saturnalia, Roman historian Suetonius commented: “All people are insane.” Carnival is a time to forget the hardships and difficulties of daily life and seek happiness. That’s like the lyrics in the Felicidade symbolic song – Happiness.

Brazil's Carnival Becoming More 'Politically Correct'

Along with the arrival of samba, the famous Brazilian – African tone. In fact, the parade of the samba schools on the main avenue in Rio de Janeiro began to form in the 1930s. But it wasn’t until three decades later that these schools began to draw attention. domestic and international.

Besides the marching songs, there is a dance called frevo along with its music that dominates the famous Carnival Pernambuco. And even trios eletricos, a truck with audio equipment for live music. It has also appeared at Carnival festivals in Salvador.

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