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Brazilian football and prejudice about female players (Part 3)

Although the Brazilian people love the king sport, the leading female players still have to go abroad to develop their careers. Marta has moved to Sweden since the age of 18 and currently plays for the Orlando Pride Club of the American Premier League. And although she has achieved many successes in her career, but Marta has always been called: “Pelé wearing a skirt”.

Dibradoras – a Brazilian website dedicated to the global women’s sports – commented: “Because Marta is a woman, she will always be compared to men, even if Marta scores many goals for the national team”.

There have been good examples against this stereotype, for example in Denmark, where Nadia Nadim is inspiring girls to play football.

Marta thinks that no miracle will bring about change. “We have to fight, we have to do our job well to show the world that women can play football,” she said.

“There is no difference in the effort we make in comparison with male football players. It is important that we create preconceptions, helping children and future generations can accept our roles and prevent prejudices naturally”. She added.

To achieve today’s success, Marta has been through a lot of hardships, especially the prejudices of rural northeastern Brazil. “When I was puberty, a lot of people criticized me. They say football is not for women and that I have to find something more appropriate for my gender.”

Marta is happy that what she has done makes a lot of Brazilian women more confident in pursuing a career in players, or furthermore, doing whatever they like. “When I no longer play, I look back on my career and happiness for fulfilling one of our dreams. I believe there are many young women in Brazil who want to play football or play sports but have not yet overcome the social barriers.”

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