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Best tourist destinations to visit in Brazil (part 1)

Regarding to Brazil, people will immediately think of the beautiful country of top-notch football matches, flexible samba dances and impressive tourist attractions. Brazil has 7500km coastline, majestic waterfalls, wild and pristine wetlands of the Amazon rainforest, in which some isolated tribes still live without any contact to the rest of the world.

Let’s discover the unique tourist destinations in Brazil which bring color on the half of South America continent.

1. Amazon rainforest – World’s largest nature reserve

The Amazon Forest is one of the unique tourist destinations in Brazil, located in the Amazon basin of South America covering an area of 5.5 million km2. This area is located in the territory of 9 countries, mainly Brazil with 60% of rainforest. The Amazon River is 6400 km long, is the second longest river in the world with over 3000 species of fish living here and more than 10 million rare species of animals in the world also exist in the tropical forests in the Amazon. If you love river travel, exploring the Amazon River is an ideal journey in your travels.

2. Salvador Beach – Nice as a summer midday dream

Salvador Beach is a beautiful and vibrant town in the Brazilian state of Bahia in which the beaches are not only beautiful but also extremely quiet. You can swim, sail, dive or windsurf, enjoying the magnificent sunrise and sunset on the beach. There are beautiful little beaches created by the surrounding coral reefs that are very suitable for children to bathe.

3. Statue of Christ the Redeemer Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro – Symbol of Brazilian religion

The statue of Christ the Redeemer Cristo Redentor is the symbol of the ancient capital of Rio de Janeiro located on the mountain “twisted” Corcovado of the Tijuca Forest National Park. When traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil you can not miss this famous tourist destinations. The statue is built on top of Corcovado mountain 700m above sea level with 30m high, so when you go to this special tourist destination, you can see God whether you stand anywhere in the city of Rio, whether during the day or at night.

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