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Best tourist destinations to visit in Brasil (part 2)

4. Iguazu Waterfall – Promised land of adventurous people

Iguazu waterfall located on the Iguazu River, the border of the state of Parana, Brazil and the Misiones province of Argentina. The Iguazu Falls is arranged like a reversed “J” with a length of 23 km made up of more than 270 smaller individual waterfalls which mostly located on the Argentine side.

5. Maracana Stadium – Brazil’s fire pan

This is a unique and interesting place in Brazil you have to visit when arrive the ancient capital of Rio de janeiro, Brazil. If you are a fan of the Brazilian team, this is your paradise because it is like a museum that stores a lot of images with the history of Brazilian football talents over periods in order to honor and set examples for Brazil’s young football generation.

6. Teatro Amazonas Theater – Cradle to nurture Brazilian art

Teatro Amazonas is a 19th-century theater at Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro which is one of the best tourist destinations in Brazil, Centro, Manaus. Teatro Amazonas is unique in its design, the theater is built from 36,000 ceramic tiles decorated with furniture imported from European countries such as France, England, Italy, … these items are premium items and only used for wealthy merchants, so you can see the elegance and speciality of this work.

6. Tijuca National Park – Green lung of the ancient capital

Tijuca Forest National Park is a very special forest national park that is also the attraction of Brazil’s capital, the forest like a green lung contributes to beautify the whole city. In the sense of protecting the city from heavy rains and rainwater erosion, this place really plays an important role for city residentson

Special features which attract tourists are not only large forests but the habitat of special animals and plants, many of which are in the red book and are in danger.

7. Curitiba Botanical Garden – Art work of metal weaving

The last tourist destination in Brazil that you should go is, the garden is located on the campus of the Federal University of Parana (Universidade Federal by Paraná), this garden is the city’s main tourist attraction. Famous for its central greenhouse, nearly 500m² wide and displays extremely rare native plants. This is a beautiful project that characterizes the metal structure of Abraão Assad architects inspired by London’s Crytal Palace (England), an ancient architecture from the middle of the nineteenth century.

The park is an unofficial symbol of Southern Brazil – With the original plants and unique architecture, was voted one of the “Seven Wonders of Brazil” in 2007.

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