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10 delicious dishes of Brazilian cuisine

When it comes to Brazil, what do you think other than the legendary names of world football, the shabby favela slums or the hot Latin girls? Think of… the cuisine of the samba land, as we will introduce you to 10 delicious Brazilian dishes that you never knew!

1. Pão de queijo

A kind of small, fragrant and fatty cheese bread, usually eaten at breakfast. The cake is about the size of donuts, having a flexible texture made from cassava flour (tapioca) and the salty taste of cheese.

2. Moqueca

This is a typical dish of Bahia, Northeast Brazil, including coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, palm oil cooked many hours in a clay pot. This dish is served with shrimp or swordfish meat, small sharks.

3. Feijoada

Traditional Brazilian dishes include smoked pork, bacon, ribs, sausages and stewed beef with black beans. Some other versions also include kale, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and pumpkin.

4. Pastel de nata

This dish helps you recall history, when Brazil was invaded by the Portuguese and turned into a colony. This is a Portuguese egg pancake, with cinnamon and sugar in the Brazilian version.

5. Caipirinha

Considered as the “national wine” of samba, Caipirinha is made from sugarcane cachaça, sugar and lemon. Today, people can replace lemon with pineapple or other sour-flavored fruits.

6. Churrasco

Speaking of Brazilian cuisine, you can’t help but mention grilled dishes. Speaking of baked goods, you can’t help but mention churrasco – a Portuguese word meaning barbecue analogy in English. Churrasco can be grilled pork, beef, chicken, lamb … skewered on charcoal fire.

7. Bolinhos de bacalhau

This is a fried fish dish (usually cod), when you squeeze a little more lemon juice on top, you have a delicious snack for the crazy evening with football!

8. Bobó de camarão

Brazilians seem to love cassava when this is a dish using cassava as a raw material for thick soup, cooked with coconut milk, stir-fried shrimp and spices. This is a delicious dish with rice.

9. Pitaya

It is simply a small piece of red dragon fruit that is sliced ​​and sold everywhere in Brazil!

10. Brigadeiros

Dessert cake with crunchy chocolate wraps on the outside and sweet sweet filling with condensed milk, chocolate powder and butter.

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